Our Activities Around the Globe

Through its Solstice Sponsorship Program (SSP), Le Solstice sponsors students from primary school to university in developing countries. In the team, we focus our attention on the holistic development of our students and aim to secure employment for our graduates.

Since 2009, Le Solstice has sponsored 38 students in Tanzania of which 4 have recently successfully graduated and are pursuing a higher education, and of which 2 have graduated and found a job (January, 2019).

In 2019, Le Solstice will continue to develop the SSP’s support functions, including guidance and counselling for students in Tanzania. This year, Le Solstice also hopes to launch the SSP in Cambodia .

Le Solstice works in partnership with established CSOs in Switzerland and abroad for projects in education and/or sustainable development (SDGs), in support of children from precarious environments. Le Solstice contributes to CSOs’ capacity development through supporting projects over a maximum duration of three years. In our CSO Support Program (CSP), we make an effort to build a strong cohesive network for the good of the beneficiaries and the sustainability of projects, all the while contributing to the strengthening of CSO partners.

Since 2003, our activities with partners have taken place in 18 countries, with a higher concentration of activities in six countries: Switzerland, Tanzania, India, Cambodia, Madagascar and Burkina Faso. In those six countries, we have contributed to 58 actions since 2003. Together with an estimate of 39 partners, we completed about 72 actions to help more than 9’000 children and young adults, direct and indirect beneficiaries since 2003 (January, 2019).

In 2019, Le Solstice and its partners will be especially active in Switzerland, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Kenya, Haiti, India and Tanzania.