Historical map of projects supported by Le Solstice since 2001.

Our Activities Around the Globe

Le Solstice works in partnership with established CSOs in Switzerland and abroad for projects in education and/or sustainable development (SDGs), in support of children from precarious environments. Le Solstice contributes to CSOs’ capacity development through supporting projects over a maximum duration of three years. In our CSO Support Program (CSP), we make an effort to build a strong cohesive network for the good of the beneficiaries and the sustainability of projects, all the while contributing to the strengthening of CSO partners.

Le Solstice also has a sponsorship program called the SSP (Solstice Sponsorship Program). The SSP consists in providing sponsorship to a student all the way to the end of his or her studies. This program is independent from the CSP but can be an integral part of it too; it can be developed and managed by a historical partner in close collaboration with Le Solstice.



In Burkina Faso, Le Solstice supports the Association PagYiidry du Burkina (APYB) in two projects:

  • The project "two sheep, one student" where APYB has provided a male and female sheep to 60 students, allowing their families to produce milk in order to pay for their children's education, as well as other needs they may have.

  • The operations of three kindergarten schools in rural villages, where 150 children are taken care of.

In Kenya, Le Solstice supports Givewatts in the distribution of solar lamps in rural areas of East Africa to promote a clean energy movement.

In Tanzania, Le Solstice supports The Girls Foundation Tanzania (TGFT) in the "Gap Year" project, where about 30 girls are housed in a center where they are trained in many aspects that will serve their careers, during the six-month interval between primary and secondary school, in order to minimize the risks of early pregnancies and abuse in villages.

In Tanzania too, Le Solstice supports and collaborates with Le Solstice Foundation Tanzania (LSTZ) for the SSP Africa, where 32 students are pursuing their studies, from primary to university.


In India, Le Solstice supports ARMDS, HOTHS, SPRMMM et SRHDP.

  • With ARDMS, Le Solstice supports two projects:

    • The education of 30 Dalit girls, aged 6 to 18.

    • The construction of a water well on the property of the ARMDS' autistic children's school.

  • With HOTHS, Le Solstice supports the training and incubation program for young entrepreneurs in the outskirts to create more autonomy and allow children to go to school rather than work in the fields with their parents.

  • With SPRMMM, Le Solstice supports the purchase of 50 bikes for young girls in the aim of securing them and ensuring they stay in school.

  • With SRHDP, Le Solstice supports the operations of 10 education centers in the streets of Tamil Nadu for children of illiterate parents, in order to bring their Tamil and other basic notions to the level of secondary school.

In Cambodia, Le Solstice supports the NGO Aide Volontaire aux Enfants du Cambodge (AVEC) in two projects:

  • The operations of the vocational training center where 400 children study English and IT computer skills.

  • The sewing training course where 18 girls learn the art of making clothes to eventually open their own business and gain autonomy and independence.

In Cambodia too, Le Solstice supports and collaborates with AVEC for the SSP, where three students are expected in October 2019.


In Switzerland, Le Solstice supports the association Patouch in the running of 10 courses on prevention and intervention in case of violence on minors.