A Sun for Burkina Faso

with APYB

Since 2013

Our work in Burkina started in 2013, in support of the multiple efforts made by APYB to recover from the terrible weather damages of year 2009. APYB is a local association that helps women, children and the local communities.

 In villages Tanguiga, Tibin and Nimpoui, Le Solstice and APYB support three nursery schools. These schools each welcome around 150 four to seven year-olds every day while mothers work on the fields to provide for their families.

At the schools, volunteer nannies teach these children to read and write, to count and to recite poetry.

For the local community, these schools are extremely important for encouraging a better future for its children.

Today, continuous efforts are made to better the educational environment and further train the nannies and teachers.

As a result, children show great learning improvements and the local community shows increasing interest and a growing awareness of the importance of a quality education for the adults of tomorrow.