A Sun For Cambodia

with AVEC

Since 2013

 Our lovely adventure with the AVEC family started in 2013.

 In 2013, a Swiss couple introduced AVEC to Le Solstice. AVEC, a Battambang local NGO provides a home to children and adolescents, most often orphaned or from abusive families.

Patrik & Theavy Roux, founders of AVEC, have for purpose to protect children, young women especially, from abuse and traffic not only in the children center, but beyond, in the entire area of Battambang!

 At the time, in 2013, AVEC had for ambition to double its efforts. Since it's been alive, AVEC sees great results year on year. All it needed was support from another organisation, with same values.

A few conversations later, ideas transformed into a project. A project of building a Vocational Center for the children of AVEC to learn IT skills, the art of sewing, and the English and Khmer languages. Of course, it served a bigger purpose when it opened its doors to the local community as well.

In fact, in 2014, 150 students were registered on the first day! Today, two years later, close to 400 students come in and out of the classrooms of AVEC!

AVEC and Le Solstice continue to work together, always in the common goal of providing a quality education for children and young adults in the area of Battamabang.

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