A Sun for Madagascar

with Sedera school from the TAOFI association

Since 2010

 It was in 2010 that our incredible adventure began with the school Sedera in Antananarivo, Madagascar!

 In 2010, a Swiss couple introduced Sedera to Le Solstice. Sedera was a 200-students school with great growth potential. In fact, Sedera was hope to the local community for its children's brighter future.

 At the time, Sedera had for ambition to become key to the community's growth and central to the children's education, an idea that seduced Le Solstice, naturally.

 Concretely, the idea transformed into a project. A project of renovating and rebuilding the school to increase its capacity to 600 students, and help Sedera in its efforts to bring them right to the entrance doors of university there and abroad.

Today, Le Solstice and Sedera still work together on ways to better the conditions and fight with poverty on the streets of Antananarivo.

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