A Sun for Tanzania

with MFDI

Since 2018

Media for Development International Tanzania (MFDI-TZ) seeks to promote development through socially conscious programming in Tanzania and Africa at large. MFDI produces film, video, television, radio serials and music, in Tanzania, for Tanzania, by Tanzanians.

MFDI-TZ works closely with development agencies, schools, hospitals, faith based organizations, the government and other institutions by providing them with engaging and comprehensive media tools to use in the field.

with TGFT

Since 2018

The Girls Foundation of Tanzania provides educational support for bright girls and young women living in extreme poverty. Its support includes tuition scholarship as well as learning opportunities outside the classroom. TGFT partners with each student from secondary school through university to develop her life skills, to promote teamwork and to strengthen her academic success so each student can reach her full potential.

with TFFT

Since 2018

The Foundation for Tomorrow (TFFT) addresses vulnerability through the power of quality education. With consistent and thoughtful investment in students and teachers in Tanzania, TFFT offers orphans and vulnerable children the opportunity to succeed.

Its holistic services include access to quality schooling, health and psychosocial support, and life skills programs. TFFT also works to improve the quality of instruction, resources in the classroom, and school management to ensure widespread, sustainable impact.

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