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News du Cambodge


Octobre 2016

"Etudiants Volontaires avec AVEC"

Il y a 2 semaines, ils sont revenus avec un coeur plus grand, rempli de souvenirs! Un groupe d'étudiants du collège Beau Soleil ont visité notre partenaire AVEC à Battambang! 3 jours d'activités, de la chasse au trésor organisé par AVEC, à l'après-midi d'ateliers organisé par Beau Soleil, ils étaient très occupés, à rire et s'amuser!

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Cambodia goods distribution

Avril 2016

"Earned with Good Behavior"

Every year, AVEC distributes goods to families and children it supports in the area of Battambang. Patrik & Theavy make it very clear, goods are given to those deserving - "you go to school everyday for the entire year, and we'll give you a new uniform, books and pencils"; and to the parents: "you make sure your children go to school, and we'll give you cooking oil and rice".

To AVEC, another thank you for your continuous efforts to change things for the better!

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Cambodia own clothing line

Mars 2016

"Their Clothing Line"

This year in March 2016, our lovely girls from the sewing course in our Vocational Center in Battambang have released their first products! Sun hats and colorful bags!

In the name of Le Solstice, congratulations to our dear hard-working girls and the AVEC family for their excellent work in the parenting and care of these young women.

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News de l'Uruguay

Uruguay face painting

Mars 2012

"A First Experience"

Beau Soleil's first volunteer students are in Altántida as I write these words! So far, wonderful first experience with the children of Jardín Monique Pitteloud, teaching the older ones English in songs and pictures, and the smaller ones, painting.

In the name of Le Solstice, thank you to Beau Soleil students for bringing little rays of sunshine into the lives of these children!

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Juin 2011

"Jardín Monique Pitteloud"

Today we inaugurated Jardín Monique Pitteloud with the parents and children of a Sun for Uruguay! What an amazing welcome, decorated with beautiful colors and accompanied with delicious cakes.

Thank you to the local community for their warm welcome and contagious love for life!

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News de Madagascar


Août 2016

"Résultats au CEPE: 100% de réussite!"

Tous les élèves de la classe de CM2 (30) à Sedera ont passé l'examen de CEPE! Alors que la moyenne nationale est de 58% cette année! 23 de ceux-ci ont également réussi le concours d'entrée au collège, dont 5 étaient premiers dans leur centre d'examen regroupant plusieurs établissements scolaires! Une très belle réussite!! BRAVO!

Malagasy party

Juin 2016

"Semaine de Culture à Sedera"

Spectacle de danse et de musique à Sedera, Madagascar pour la fin d'année! ...Fin d'année difficile. "Avec la conjoncture actuelle à Madagascar, les parents ont de plus en plus de problèmes à scolariser leurs enfants..." - Fal, directeur de l'école Sedera.

Pourtant, malgré les difficultés rencontrées, Fal et ses enseignants continuent de donner aux élèves les clés vers un futur meilleur. A ce jour, une cinquantaine ont terminé leur scolarité à Sedera, une vingtaine d'étudiants sont à l'université!

Bravo à toute l'équipe Sedera!!

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Madagascar teaching

Novembre 2012

"Volunteer Group from Beau Soleil"

Beau Soleil's little group of volunteer students were in Madagascar last week with two of their teachers, organizing Olympic games between them and the students of Sedera, proposed bricolage activities, reading, writing and maths workshops with Middle School students as well. On top of it, they also painted the two new classrooms built with Le Solstice, with smiles on their faces!

BIG big thank you to all!! 

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News de la Tanzanie


Novembre 2016

"Cérémonie de Graduation de Charles!"

Cérémonie de graduation de Charles Wisize, notre premier boursier! Te voyant avec le sourire, chapeau de diplômé sur la tête, nous réalisons ensemble un but important du Solstice: aider enfants et jeunes adultes à acquérir les clés vers un avenir meilleur! C'est avec beaucoup de travail et de rigueur que tu y es arrivé! Tu es un exemple pour les plus jeunes!

Un grand bravo!


Octobre 2016

"Bienvenue parmi nous Charles!"

Nouvelle pas comme les autres!! Charles Wisize, notre premier boursier Tanzanien, après avoir réussi son Bachelor universitaire en éducation et psychologie, a décidé de nous rejoindre dans la fondation!! C'est à son tour, en tant que mentor, qu'il aide les enfants et adolescents du Solstice Tanzanie à trouver leur voie.

Bienvenue parmi nous Charles!


Septembre 2016

"Our New Sponsored Student: James Okeyo"

We are oh-so-proud to announce young James Okeyo, A-student in mathematics, budding naturalist and spirited ornithologist, routine winner of spelling bees, solid sportsman and exceptionally kind soul, started his IB at Moshi International Boarding School in Tanzania - a school that is known to place its students in elite international universities!
Chosen for his excellent grades, good heart and sure sense of himself, we are confident James will progress to fulfil a life rich with promise, and wish him the best of luck!
Special thanks to Frances Charters, headmistress of Kenedy House School for introducing James to the foundation!

Playful girls

Juillet 2016

"A Special Bricolage Afternoon with Huruma"

Third trip for volunteer Zoe at Huruma last month in June!! Like a big sister to them, she organised a very special bricolage activity with the kids.

They spent an afternoon painting - but not any kind of painting. Painting on canvas bags that will soon serve as school bags for the kids! An idea that came to Zoe - bags she brought with her from Europe.

Nice one Zoe!! Thank you for your generous heart and strong commitment!

NAE painting Huruma

Novembre 2014

"Huruma Renovations"

In October this year, a group of Nord Anglia Education executive board renovated the old building of Huruma to provide more space to Le Solstice's children and allow for more to become part of the family!

All smiles and muscles to clean, polish, paint and construct!

Thank you very much for your commitment to Huruma and Le Solstice!


Septembre 2012

"Building the Playground"

Last July, a group of volunteers who wished to remain anonymous succeeded at building a brand new playground for Huruma, with very limited resources!

They said "we experienced the real African life living at the Children Center with the children, enjoying their excitment as we built the playground, and their enormous smiles as they were able to play on the swings!"

Thank you from Le Solstice for the time you put into it and for shining sunlight onto the children's lives.

Tanzanian musician

Octobre 2009

"Volunteering at Huruma"

A small group of Beau Soleil students and staff volunteered to go watch over our beautiful kids at Huruma this October!

Looks like they took on the opportunity to teach them some tunes of the guitar, face-painting art and photography!

Thank you to the Beau Soleil kids who have contributed to the wonderful energies that were found in and about the orphanage this fall!

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News de l'Inde

India games

Decembre 2013

"Group of Volunteers"

Another group of students from Beau Soleil have visited the Windmill school in Tiruppur. Beau Soleil has sent groups of students to India for 10 years now and they continue to see improvements!

They've taught English and Maths through bricolage, songs and dances!

Thank you to Beau Soleil for their continuous volunteer efforts!

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News de la Suisse

Tous en Choeur with Bastian Baker

Decembre 2014

"Singing with Bastian Baker"

Le Solstice team "singing" along with Bastian Baker and the other 300 people who make it possible, and the thousands of people who invested their ticket into a wonderful cause!

In the name of Le Solstice, thank you to all those who made the event possible, and for those who came to know more about Le Solstice at our wonderful stand!

News d'Ailleurs

New York marathon with Lucas

Avril 2015

"In Less than 4 Hours"

A dear Beau Soleil alumnus, Lucas, ran the New York Marathon in less than four hours wearing the proud colors of Le Solstice!

He said: "this challenge will remain an excellent memory, and I am happy and proud to have worn Le Solstice as I struggled to get to the finish line!"

In the name of Le Solstice children of the world, we thank you very much!!

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